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🤔 Co-operative housing? Co-operative Contracts? What's the deal?

We provide co-operative housing because we want everyone around us working towards one mission. Each employee contract is unique, but generally speaking, in place of large salaries, we provide cool housing, a music studio, a performance stage, a film production unit, a social media team, a stipend, and weekly payments in our FNB token which employees are contractually bound to sell on cryptocurrency markets within thirty-six months from the day of the original token generation event. As we collectively build this amazing platform, and spread the awareness of FNB through our various fanbase-sponsored media projects, we will increase the value of the token we collectively hold. As the white paper states, 25 percent of FNB is being sold at the Token Generation Event, while another 25 percent is owned by the development team.

Ok! So What Do I Do to Get Hired?

1. Send a resume and cover letter to ronald.mears@mearsmediagroup.com.

2. In the cover letter highlight your blockchain development and web development skills; these skills are most important because we have a duty to our token holders to build something awesome, and to our media makers friends, worldwide, to free them from corporate servitude!

3. In the cover letter you should also discuss the additional skills or interests you have that you think could be monetized, as a social media influencer.

A. For example, if you are a foodie and a photographer, we can help you monetize that as part of your contract with us. When you leave us, you'll retain your followers and your influencer status

B. Or, if you are a music producer, we can get you studio time, collaborations, and help with music videos.

4. Finally, in the cover letter, discuss which one of our products you think you can help us build.

In case you haven't noticed, we are partial to blockchain developer/ music producer types. We have a music studio duh! But, any type of skills, interests, or creativity can generally be monetized to help get you paid (on top of your stipend, and FNB deposits of course)! You should plan on working 30-40 hours a week on blockchain development, and 10 hours per week on your influencer career. And, btw... if you are camera shy, you don't have to be on camera to earn side-hustle money! We have plenty of ways to cultivate and monetize your talents!

One last question, is living with my coworkers mandatory?

Absolutely not! If you are tired of the fools you work with, you can move out. If you think its a terrible idea, no sweat! Like we said "each employee contract is unique." You can find your own housing, or inquire about our other 'off campus' options, an we'll work out a new contract to keep you on the development team. Don't worry, it gets old for everyone!