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Fanbase is Hiring Developers!

About this Job:

We are looking for blockchain developers and web developers to help us build a crowdfunding platform for media production projects. Some skills we are seeking:

+ A BS/MS degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or demonstrated intelligence in those areas

+ Strong coding skills with at least one of the following languages: Go, C, C++ , JAVA, Python

+ An understanding of the fundamentals of programming including OOPs, procedural language, flat and relational databases

+ An understanding of Data Structures including Stack, Queues, LinkedList, Tree, and HashMaps

+ An understanding of the time and resource complexity of querying data structures

+ An understanding of basic architectures like MVC, MVVM, Document-View Architecture, Microservices

+ An understanding of the fundamentals of Communication Architectures including but not limited to Publisher subscriber, Message brokers, & Bus architectures

+ An understanding of ledgers, consensus methods, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies in general

+ An understanding of threat analytics, anomaly detection, and performance management

+ An understanding of algorithms, data structures, cryptography, data security, and the differences between conventional and decentralized architectures and technologies

+ An understanding of distributed storage, like RDBMS or NoSQLSome experience creating blockchain frameworks and business applications

+ Some professional experience as a software engineer, especially in fin-tech

+ Some interest in teaching development courses to programmers and non-programmers interested in joining our team

+ Some interest in developing blockchain technology curriculum

+ Some interest in entrepreneurship, profit share, start-up culture, and cryptocurrency

+ Some interest in live/ work incubator spaces, community building, and team development

+ Some openness to corporate housing communities, maker spaces, and shared living

+ Some openness to doing media such as web series, television, and podcast interviews

Fanbase Exchange is a Mears Media Group venture, that has recently received series A funding and is currently seeking a series B round. We have a mind-blowing marketing approach and live/work facility to build our platform and grow our network. Your technical skills will help us grow the platform and the value of the company as we continue to add to our team of developers.