Imagine hanging a platinum album on your wall for a project you had the foresight to finance and executive produce

fanbase helps you communicate

Fanbase performs instant messaging services and email services to your followers and investors through your mobile phone. 

Fanbase's broadcast communication services transmit e-mails, faxes, text messages and telephone voice messages to designated recipients for others.

Fanbase data encryption and decoding service designs and develops software and hardware for electronic data security systems and multimedia content storing, recalling and conversion

Fanbase provides an on-line network environment featuring technology that enables users to share data in the field of  blockchain, securities, crowdfunding, digital media, royalty-tracking, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency wallets for ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. 


Fanbase is an electronic, mobile-media data encryption service which stores and archives images, text and audio data in a safe and secure way! 

Fanbase provides communications and telecommunications access services namely, transmission of voice, audio, visual images and data by telecommunications networks, wireless communication networks, the Internet, information services networks and data networks

Fanbase broadcasting and telecomm services provide access to film and television programs via a video-on-demand service 

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fanbase keeps you safe and legal!

Fanbase provides peer-to-browser photo sharing services, namely, providing a website featuring technology enabling users to upload, view, and download digital photos

Providing a website for the electronic storage of  documents, media files, financial data, investor documents, customer data and personal communications

Fanbase provides information about legal services for copyright, trademark, patents, securitization, royalties, dividends, smart contracts, regulated crowdfunding, anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, FinCEN, start-up and corporate laws via our website.

Fanbase is a web-based social network for informing its user about leasing and licensing digital media in the field of publishing, digital certificates of authenticity and digital collectibles

Fanbase provides an interactive web site featuring personal background credential information for users to verify credentials of others



Where fans finance cool film, television, music, literary & digital content

The fanbase platform turns passionate fans into informed investors & savvy promoters. At fanbase, artists control their own projects and fans choose their favorite projects to finance!  Enter the electronic bulletin boards to learn about cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain technology, smart contracts, crowdfunding, intellectual property, digital collectibles, stocks, royalties and dividends!

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Improving Artist Experiences

Our platform helps artists avoid exploitative contracts, unwelcomed censorship, and the need for shameless self-promotion.

Freedom from contracts

Creatives of all types can finance their own projects with the help of their fanbase. Gone are the days where artists are forced to conform to the exploitative contract demands of The Weinstein Company, or Cash Money Records of the world.

Freedom from censorship

Creatives of all types can conceptualize their own projects without oversight from corporate naysayers and gatekeepers who effectively homogenize art in its many forms.

Freedom from marketing

Creatives of all types can focus on their craft rather than on shameless self-promotion. In taking on public investors, artists have a built-in community of people who are literally invested in the project, and who will promote it within their networks.

Improving Fan Experiences

Our platform helps fans access private content, a community of patrons, and some incredible media makers

Access to content

Fans can access their favorite artists' projects like never before. They will see outlines, budgets, scripts, storyboards, video pitches, and behind the scenes content in deciding which projects to invest in, like real media executives.

Access to patrons

Fans can access a community of enthusiasts who are willing to put their money behind a project. Gone are the days where fans are withheld content or storylines because of label disputes or low ratings. If the production money is raised, the project will be produced.


Access to artists

Fans can access their favorite artists like never before; they will receive project updates, proof of progress, and official communications as members of the production team. Majority investors can earn titles and intermediate investors can earn invites to official events attended by the principals.

Imagine hanging a platinum album on your wall for a project you had the foresight to 'executive produce'!


what does fanbase do?


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Fanbase is a broker-dealer financial service in the field of digital assets and intellectual property; we allow users to trade IP like music, film, tv shows, web series, characters, animations, literature, books, journalism, comics, video games, magazines, magazine articles, Ezines, still images, music videos, virtual reality, augmented reality and digital media. 

Fanbase provides brokerage in the field of cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, digital collectibles, fractionalized ownership, securities, royalty-tracking, royalty-sharing, technology, dividends and digital assets

Fanbase provides downloadable cryptocurrency hardware wallets as a tax management, database management, and data collection software for use by financial advisors, companies and individuals.


Fanbase is a downloadable database management software for use with the blockchain smart contracts that manage and verify cryptocurrency transactions, trade securities, & calculate stocks, royalties and dividends. 

The Fanbase software provides an on-line database in the field of transaction processing to upload transactional data, track inventory, provide statistical analysis, and produce notifications and reports for use with a cryptocurrency wallet compatible with ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens. 

Fanbase is a recorded computer software platforms for  calculating stocks, royalties or dividends and for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency.

Fanbase facilitates the advertising of your securitized intellectual property, alongside our other digital media assets; we've created a new 'IP' asset class for you to buy, sell and trade. Our online platform directs orders for securities trades by means of computer software which automatically directs trades to the best location for executing such orders

Fanbase maintains, records and registers the ownership and transfer of intellectual property securities in a completely transparent way, on a publicly viewable, virtually unhackable, free-to-use blockchain; the platform provides information pertaining to investors who qualify to purchase certain types of securities and financial indices of select securities to enable consumers to evaluate investments and market trends


Fanbase offers online auction management services for rare collectibles, like digital comics, and digital certificates of authenticity, through a global computer network; it facilitates an on-line trading service in which a seller posts products to be auctioned and bidding is done via the Internet 

Fanbase facilitates online business research services that allow users to share opinions with consumer product providers like film production companies who market test new film concepts or characters like Ant-Man

Fanbase provides an on-line commercial information directory as well as consumer product information via the Internet, for all its digital collectibles; we advertise the exact global amount of each 'rare' item, at all times

Fanbase provides product information in its retail store, via the internet, related to digital media, digital collectibles, and digital assets such as music, film, tv shows, literature, video games and still image files; it is an online marketplace validated by the user's inputted preferences

Fanbase provides on-line chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among users in the field of  cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain technology, smart contracts, crowdfunding, intellectual property, digital collectibles, stocks, royalties and dividends

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